Electric powered wheelchairs are rapidly replacing manual wheelchairs due to the simplicity of operation, convenience, and advances in construction. As far as personal mobility options go, however, electric powered wheelchairs can be quite expensive; making the assessment of needs and other considerations a critical step in the process of buying a wheelchair.

* The Budget – Of the personal mobility options, electric powered wheelchairs are the most expensive, ranging in price from $5,000 to $30,000. Narrowing add-ons to only those that are daily life necessities can keep costs in check and provide a better chance at getting at least some of the costs covered by a health insurance provider.

* Needs – As the most important consideration, determination of the needs of the buyer should dictate everything that follows. From the physical limitations of the buyer to the types of surfaces the wheelchair will be driven on, an outline will be formed on the type of Electric Power Lift Chair will best suit the needs of the person using the chair. The needs assessment can start narrowing the various categories of wheelchairs (front, center, and rear wheel drive as well as heavy duty), eventually determining the best option for the buyer.

* Features – Adding features based on physical need is the best way to determine what should be added and what should be left alone. Considerations on physical strengths and weaknesses, uses, and an estimate of when and where the wheelchair will be used the most can help to define a list of necessary features.

* The control system – This is the panel that makes the wheelchair go, so determining the optimal control panel is of utmost importance. For those with upper body mobility, controlling the wheelchair with a joystick provides a convenient solution. If upper body mobility is severely limited, buying a control system which is directed by head or upper body motions would be the logical choice.

* The test drive – Take the chair for a spin to check for comfort and functionality. Most manufacturers allow for a test periods for a short period of time prior to the buyer’s final commitment. Be prepared to ask for it if the test drive option is not presented.

* Personalizing the wheelchair – Only after a successful test drive should personalization be undertaken. Additional padding, colors, accessories, and color schemes can customize the look of the chair once the final determination has been made.

The variety of available Electric Lift Chairs can make the decision process for the right one seem almost overwhelming. By starting with the considerations above, buyers can start to narrow the choices down to where a confident decision can be made that the wheelchair will meet and surpass the requirements of the user. The customer support team at The Mobility Scooter Store can help with the decision making process as well. For more information, visit Lift Recliner Chairs 
For those in the UK (North West and Midlands) try
Riser Recliner Chairs
Power lift chairs are now manufactured to such high quality standards that it’s impossible to
tell how much functionality rests underneath their outward appearance. Additionally, fabric and
design options have resulted in lift chairs with designer looks which work well in all rooms of
the house. Appearances aside, it is the combination of look, feel, and mechanical capabilities
that determines the right lift chair for each person. The following is a list of these, and
other, considerations to take into account when contemplating the purchase of a lift chair:

* Make sure that the Power Lift Chair under consideration can provide both the comfort and
required lifting power for the person using it. To this end, the appropriate lift chair must be a
good fit and support the size, shape and weight of the user’s body. If at all possible, trying
chairs out in their showrooms should go a long way toward determining the right chair. If
circumstances prevent a “test drive” at a lift chair store, a specification sheet can at least
define whether a chair will be powerful enough for its owner.

* Confirm that chairs which fit the above parameters also have long lasting battery powered
electrical back-up. This especially critical in areas which experience frequent power outages.

* Make sure that your recliner lift chair has enough reclining positions to suit your needs.
These Recliner Lift Chairs typically come with a range of reclining positions with two at a
minimum, going back to a full (almost flat) recline.

* Lift chairs come in a wide variety of shapes sizes and designs meaning that, unless a visitor
sees the chair in action, they won’t be able to tell that it is purposed for medical needs.
Whether consideration is toward a luxury or Leather Lift Chair or something more basic, take
advantage of the fact that your lift chair can enhance the look of any room.

* Lift chairs can be upgraded and accessorized to meet both additional medical needs and physical
nuisances. Getting extra neck, back, foot support, in-chair heating, and/or a massage feature
from a power lift chair can make the difference between a good and a great owner experience.

* Be sure not to overbuy. Purchasing more power, more options, and/or more features than is
needed can quickly turn a lift chair which started as a low priced solution into a very
experienced one. Potential uses pitched on the floor of a lift chair store can waste loads of
money if they’re never used.

The variety of options and the versatility of power lift chairs make it extremely important to
examine all the medical considerations, features, and benefits of each type of chair before
making a commitment. To that end, the professionals at The Mobility Scooter Store are committed
to helping each customer purchase the Power Lift Chair that best meets their individual needs.  

If you are in the Greater Manchester or Cheshire area try Castle Comfort with their riser recliner chair showroom close to Junction 16 of the M6. Call now for more.
Manchester Stairlifts - handy hints your relative needs to know.

There is a reassurance knowing that your family will be safer during a trip to the bedroom or bathroom. If you've an elderly relative in Manchester & you think to stay independent they might be helped with a stairlift, then this article shows you some things to be aware of. You need an easy summary so make a list of the brands you find via an Internet search or by going & looking at some showrooms or sending out for brochures. I'd be careful with buying from ebay or the local paper, without knowing what brands are good and also what guarantee you will get.  You want to get it right first time so it is certainly safer to deal with an authorised stairlifts firm which means that the manufacturer has approved them as a registered dealer.  There are many brands & models to choose from & it can often be overwhelming to pick out & buy the right lift for their needs. Know what features to look for in a stairlift as this can be helpful in the planning stages, & that's what this article is about.

The first aspect to think about is the staircase itself. There are many different varieties. The standard straight stair lift is the easiest & quickest to fit - 1 hour or 2 at most. A curved stair lift requires custom manufacturing of a customised chair rail that slides along. This takes about 1 week in production then it is installed. Narrow stairs can still be equipped with a slimline stairlift. Dog-leg stairs with a straight line stair & 1 or 2 bends may only require a straight lift, with the addition of a platform or two.  This is much cheaper than installing a curved stairlift around Manchester. An employee at a regional North West stairlifts showroom can help you select a model that contains the finest materials & will be reliable & durable. They can also show a customer how to work it & should have more than one model for your comparison. Bear in mind that the stairlift will be attached to the stairs themselves, & so the wall won't require new wall covering or paint.

The next aspect to keep in mind is the person's height & weight & their hip and knee flexibility. These will all need to be measured as some stairlifts are designed for particular applications depending on the need. There are certain conditions of the rider, to be taken account of, when picking the necessary lift for your relative.  Perhaps they'll need a bariatric chair lift? This is a lift that's rated up to thirty stone. They may not be obese but keep in mind that if the user might carry items, pets or other stuff up & down stairs with them then this must be taken into account so as not to exceed weight limits.

A client who has had a knee or hip replacement surgery, or arthritis, may find that ascending or descending stairs is problematic. A perch stair lift would be a possibility in this case. This lift enables them to almost stand upright on the lift, just perched on it like on a bar stool. A sit and stand lift enables both options depending on customer needs, or if a husband & wife have different needs & want to both use the lift. These options provide a convenient way of ascending the stairs without stressing the joints.

Your stairlift chair, can be chosen to blend into your home characteristics. All will have a seat belt as in a car, & will have a DC battery pack so that in case of power failure, the client won't be stuck on one floor. For older relatives who have visiting grandchildren, a stairlift that has a lockable start-up switch would be handy, like a stair lift that has a footrest that can be folded away. This lets other people up & down stairs without obstacles.

So there you have a bite-size overview of what you might consider before you buy stair lifts in Manchester, Cheshire & Lancashire areas. To go direct to a recommended supplier then go to stairlifts Manchester.

Stairlifts Manchester - The 5 Essential Things to know when Looking to Buy

Does your elderly family member call for assistance hiking up stairs? Have they called for a steadying support to keep safe on slopes or when going to bed? A prudent relative would be wise to think ahead to foresee and eliminate possible trips or falls on stairs. It's wise to think about the benefits of a stairlift as opposed to the upset and upheaval of moving home in later years. A stairlift is a quicker and cheaper option than moving home and is less of an inconvenience as it can be done and dusted in less than a day. You mightn't always have time to help. This easy read guide will help you to locate a good Manchester stairlifts provider for your family in the Manchester area.

Number one - Is the company available - that is could you actually speak to someone when you need to? Nine to five offices or worse, a site that only asks for your data, will unlikely give you a quick answer when you need it. What if your family member had an error late evening on the lift, are you certain that you will get a quick response from this company?

Number two - Does the company sound legitimate & long lasting? Sometimes you need to speak to someone to get a sense of whether they will be able to help you. You need to trust that what the firm tells you is supported by what other customers say. Has the company been around for a while? Are they specialists? This step may be important, so you can consider getting referrals from your local health professional, OT or doctor. If a friend of yours has had dealings with the company then recommendations like that can help you see a real business from a fly by night. The business may have thank-you letters from previous customers that you may ask to see when choosing a company to visit for a free quote.

Number three - Does the company give you unbiased advice free. Don't neglect this. You should never be charged for stairlifts advice from anyone. Are they transparent or are they tied to just one specific company, like a financial adviser in a bank can only sell you his own bank offerings? Think of an independent financial adviser, as they can choose from the entire market, likewise a really good company is one that can also offer you a variety of stair lifts in various specifications & prices of different manufacturers to your exact needs.

Number four - Do they have a personal insight into your requirements? Oftentimes a call centre agent abroad will probably not have the life experience or technical skills required to assist you as quickly or efficiently. If the company has offices locally and a local engineer can survey for you, then that is usually most peoples preference. Find out what they know & from that whether you feel they can help you obtain the correct lift for you.

Number five - Maybe the cost of a new stair lift is too much, (approximate current UK figures from 995 GBP for straight lifts.) So can this company continue to offer assistance, are they willing to offer lift rentals or hire? Do they give free guidance & advice on grants or can they offer you options to buy at zero % interest? These are a few of the alternative options to ask about.

If you're looking for stair lifts in Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire then please call Keith or Ann at Castle Comfort on 0161 452 3636. You can read more about Castle Comfort Stairlifts by visiting their website for stairlifts in manchester


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