Power lift chairs are now manufactured to such high quality standards that it’s impossible to
tell how much functionality rests underneath their outward appearance. Additionally, fabric and
design options have resulted in lift chairs with designer looks which work well in all rooms of
the house. Appearances aside, it is the combination of look, feel, and mechanical capabilities
that determines the right lift chair for each person. The following is a list of these, and
other, considerations to take into account when contemplating the purchase of a lift chair:

* Make sure that the Power Lift Chair under consideration can provide both the comfort and
required lifting power for the person using it. To this end, the appropriate lift chair must be a
good fit and support the size, shape and weight of the user’s body. If at all possible, trying
chairs out in their showrooms should go a long way toward determining the right chair. If
circumstances prevent a “test drive” at a lift chair store, a specification sheet can at least
define whether a chair will be powerful enough for its owner.

* Confirm that chairs which fit the above parameters also have long lasting battery powered
electrical back-up. This especially critical in areas which experience frequent power outages.

* Make sure that your recliner lift chair has enough reclining positions to suit your needs.
These Recliner Lift Chairs typically come with a range of reclining positions with two at a
minimum, going back to a full (almost flat) recline.

* Lift chairs come in a wide variety of shapes sizes and designs meaning that, unless a visitor
sees the chair in action, they won’t be able to tell that it is purposed for medical needs.
Whether consideration is toward a luxury or Leather Lift Chair or something more basic, take
advantage of the fact that your lift chair can enhance the look of any room.

* Lift chairs can be upgraded and accessorized to meet both additional medical needs and physical
nuisances. Getting extra neck, back, foot support, in-chair heating, and/or a massage feature
from a power lift chair can make the difference between a good and a great owner experience.

* Be sure not to overbuy. Purchasing more power, more options, and/or more features than is
needed can quickly turn a lift chair which started as a low priced solution into a very
experienced one. Potential uses pitched on the floor of a lift chair store can waste loads of
money if they’re never used.

The variety of options and the versatility of power lift chairs make it extremely important to
examine all the medical considerations, features, and benefits of each type of chair before
making a commitment. To that end, the professionals at The Mobility Scooter Store are committed
to helping each customer purchase the Power Lift Chair that best meets their individual needs.  

If you are in the Greater Manchester or Cheshire area try Castle Comfort with their riser recliner chair showroom close to Junction 16 of the M6. Call now for more.

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