Electric powered wheelchairs are rapidly replacing manual wheelchairs due to the simplicity of operation, convenience, and advances in construction. As far as personal mobility options go, however, electric powered wheelchairs can be quite expensive; making the assessment of needs and other considerations a critical step in the process of buying a wheelchair.

* The Budget – Of the personal mobility options, electric powered wheelchairs are the most expensive, ranging in price from $5,000 to $30,000. Narrowing add-ons to only those that are daily life necessities can keep costs in check and provide a better chance at getting at least some of the costs covered by a health insurance provider.

* Needs – As the most important consideration, determination of the needs of the buyer should dictate everything that follows. From the physical limitations of the buyer to the types of surfaces the wheelchair will be driven on, an outline will be formed on the type of Electric Power Lift Chair will best suit the needs of the person using the chair. The needs assessment can start narrowing the various categories of wheelchairs (front, center, and rear wheel drive as well as heavy duty), eventually determining the best option for the buyer.

* Features – Adding features based on physical need is the best way to determine what should be added and what should be left alone. Considerations on physical strengths and weaknesses, uses, and an estimate of when and where the wheelchair will be used the most can help to define a list of necessary features.

* The control system – This is the panel that makes the wheelchair go, so determining the optimal control panel is of utmost importance. For those with upper body mobility, controlling the wheelchair with a joystick provides a convenient solution. If upper body mobility is severely limited, buying a control system which is directed by head or upper body motions would be the logical choice.

* The test drive – Take the chair for a spin to check for comfort and functionality. Most manufacturers allow for a test periods for a short period of time prior to the buyer’s final commitment. Be prepared to ask for it if the test drive option is not presented.

* Personalizing the wheelchair – Only after a successful test drive should personalization be undertaken. Additional padding, colors, accessories, and color schemes can customize the look of the chair once the final determination has been made.

The variety of available Electric Lift Chairs can make the decision process for the right one seem almost overwhelming. By starting with the considerations above, buyers can start to narrow the choices down to where a confident decision can be made that the wheelchair will meet and surpass the requirements of the user. The customer support team at The Mobility Scooter Store can help with the decision making process as well. For more information, visit Lift Recliner Chairs 
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7/27/2011 05:09:09 pm

Electric wheelchair are very useful for the person who is old enough to do all works. This chair also helps in maintaining the position of the back.

10/9/2013 09:41:33 pm

Old people and disabled people can't operate their routine moves so, mobility aids like wheelchairs or mobility scooters can help such people. Electric Wheelchair are much easy to operate than simple wheelchair. Numerous other web stores available online like scootersmart fabricate its customers with satisfactory services.


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