Looking for a Stairlift supplier in Manchester?

Do you know the story about Castle Comfort Stairlifts?
They are your local choice being established in the North West 12 years ago after their owner needed mobility help for his own mother.  They challenged what had become a hard-sell limited choice industry with their genuine understanding and an impartial pledge to bring high quality lifts from all the manufacturers, (not just those that paid the highest commission.)  Installed quickly and at keen prices too.  With such ideas and the best customer service they have gone on to become a national family stairlift firm with many testimonials whilst still delivering the local touch that they began with all those years ago.  You can find them on 0161 452 3636 and Keith or Ann will gladly take your enquiry about Stairlifts around Manchester or Cheshire.  Call anytime between 8am and 11pm or <<<click the stairlift to go to their main site.

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